I am blessed to have one of the most rewarding jobs. I get to work for a church that’s passionate about helping people and impacting our world. That being said, my job is also pretty demanding. Our staff work with hundreds of volunteers. I need to be in constant contact and communication with my team if we’re going to be able to successful. So, how am I supposed to be an influential leader and still have time to have an awesome life?

My role as a leader might be easy for some to understand. Where my situation differs from most is that it’s not just a job. For me, it’s also a calling. I honestly feel called to be a pastor in the local church. I’m sure there are those who might not feel called, but many are in love with what we do. My problem is that I am also very in love with my wife and family. So, how am I supposed to have a healthy marriage and still be effective in ministry?

This is my daily struggle and a source of constant frustration. Unfortunately, I often fail at living a life with boundaries and balance. Believe it or not, I am learning. This blog contains the open and honest chronicles of the little wisdom I gain and the many mistakes I make along the way.