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Author / Brian Dorheim

Worry About Yourself

We often fail to be content with what we have. You want what the table next to you had for dinner. You want to go where your neighbor went on vacation instead of where you can afford. You wish you had her hair or clothes. You wish you had their house or car. The list […]

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Myth Busters

I recently read an article by Jon Acuff debunking the idea that we don’t have enough time. I also read Rick Warren bust the myth that we don’t have enough to give. I received them in my email inbox on the same day. Two different blog articles telling me the same thing; stop making excuses. […]

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Is The FitBit Just Hype?

For years I have seen and heard of people using their FitBit or similar device to track their steps. The idea is genius, keeping something as important as our health in front of us at all times. However, there are a lot of things that are really cool ideas, but fail to be effective everyday […]

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Only a Fool Lives Cautiously

Back on May 8, 2014 I was reading my Bible and felt the Lord speak to me. I am not saying that I actually audibly heard His voice, but I did actually read His word. There is a parable in Matthew where a master leaves three servants bags of gold. To one he leaves five, […]

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Choose To Live Your Dreams

“People deal with their dreams in one of three ways. They accuse, they excuse, or they choose.” Accusers spend their entire lives blaming others for why they haven’t achieved their dreams. Excusers make excuses for why they are not living their dreams. Choosers do what it takes to live their dreams. Read More from Rick […]

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Day of Rest

I haven’t written a blog post in quite some time for one specific reason. I haven’t had a day off of work since February 5th. After that I preached the weekend of February 6th and 7th and then started a new job at Kohler on Monday the 8th. The story of how I got to […]

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How to Make an Awesome Dinner for Free

Last night my wife sat with her feet up while I dazzled her with my entertaining skills of singing, cooking, and dancing… simultaneously, I might add. I decided that it was important for me to make dinner. You would think it would be because she does it 99% of the time and it’s only fair […]

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