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Author / Brian Dorheim

You Need Others

“Part of taking care of yourself is letting others know when you need their help.” There are many people who feel an inner need to be self-reliant. You say that you can take care of yourself. You want to be able to solve your own problems and fix your own issues. The problem with that […]

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How To Celebrate Independence Day

There are a lot of traditions that people have on different holidays throughout the year. Many are similar no matter who you are or where you grow up. For example, almost everyone who grew up in the United States can remember watching fireworks as a kid on the 4th of July. However, far less remember […]

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The Value of Time

There are times each and every day where you have the ability to be present. There’s value in being present, because when you’re not, you show people that you don’t value their time. When you don’t value someone’s time, you tell them that they are not important. Whether you like it or not, it’s true. […]

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The Best Is Yet To Come

For the past few years my pastor, who is also my boss, mentor, and friend, has felt a verse impressed upon him each year. This verse has become the verse of the year for our church. We continually bring it back up, we read it, we meditate on it, and we allow it build our […]

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One Small Step To Save The World

We often compare our lives to the lives of heroes from our favorite stories and movies. The reality is that you’ll probably never have the chance to fly a space ship and save the world like Will Smith did in Independence Day. You probably won’t ever have the chance to take out terrorists one by […]

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Top 3 Ways To Show Love To Your Spouse

I was looking through my phone the other day when I stumbled upon some old notes. One of them was a note I wrote to myself about how to show Audrey (my wife) that I love her. I’m far from the brightest man on the planet, so it was a fairly short note. There were […]

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