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Realignment in the New Year

As we look ahead to a new year, we need to remember how easy it can be to start drifting and falling away from our priorities. That’s when we have to realign, resubmit, and recommit our lives to what really matters most.

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The Best Is Yet To Come

For the past few years my pastor, who is also my boss, mentor, and friend, has felt a verse impressed upon him each year. This verse has become the verse of the year for our church. We continually bring it back up, we read it, we meditate on it, and we allow it build our […]

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One Small Step To Save The World

We often compare our lives to the lives of heroes from our favorite stories and movies. The reality is that you’ll probably never have the chance to fly a space ship and save the world like Will Smith did in Independence Day. You probably won’t ever have the chance to take out terrorists one by […]

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Giving God Our Leftovers

Ephesians 3:12 says, “In him and through faith in him we may approach God with freedom and confidence.” We have been blessed with the freedom and the privilege to seek and approach God with confidence. It recently hit me how little we fully appreciate this, as too often we settle for seeking Him with whatever […]

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Wearing Multiple Hats

With my job, I often wear multiple hats. I end up doing a little bit of everything and this is usually self-inflicted. I am not the only one, nor is ministry the only area of work where people juggle multiple projects. Many people in varying professions find themselves wearing different hats. When you are being […]

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5 Signs You’re Working for an Awesome Leader

In life, everyone has a leader. You have a boss, a manger, an overseer, or someone who is in charge of you. It’s important to take a look at who you are following, because you want to be sure they are leading you in the right direction. I think it’s possible to end up following […]

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Truth vs Understood

When it comes to faith often there are people who don’t understand why something is the way it is or how something is possible. This uncertainty drives them crazy, because for them it has to make sense and it all has to add up. But where is the faith in that… This weekend I heard […]

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