There are times each and every day where you have the ability to be present. There’s value in being present, because when you’re not, you show people that you don’t value their time. When you don’t value someone’s time, you tell them that they are not important. Whether you like it or not, it’s true. Their time is valuable and when you don’t show up you’re disrespecting them.

Too often people don’t show up on time, and we just say they’re late. Too often people don’t show up at all, and we just say they’re forgetful. Too often people aren’t giving you their attention when they do show up, and we just say they’re distracted. More often than not, we choose to make excuses. The reality is, they aren’t late, forgetful, or distracted, they’re disrespectful.

I understand that there are always going to be uncontrollable circumstances. You can’t control unknown construction that leaves you in stop and go traffic. You can’t control getting some unexpected news that’s so devastating it consumes your every thought. However, you can control your alarm clock and calendar. You have the ability to respect the time of the people you are with.

Think about it this way: If the person you are with, or you’re supposed to be with, is important to you then remember that you only have a certain about of time with that person. Life is short and it’s worth investing your time in the people, places, and things that are most valuable to you.

This is an area where I need to improve. If you have encouraging advice, send it my way.