It’s important for your financial future to make wise investments. You can find it in scripture with The Parable of the Talents in Matthew 25:14-30. It’s equally as vital to make wise investments in other areas if we are to make the most of our lives.

If you don’t eat the things that your body needs and you aren’t getting proper exercise, you fail to make wise physical investments. If you are reading, learning, and growing, you are probably making plenty of wise investments in the area of personal development. There are all types of ways that you can make wise decisions in how you invest your time, talent, and treasure.

If we are to be good stewards then it must become essential to continually develop the things that we have been given. We can make the most of our time, maximize our talents, and multiply our treasure with wise investments. I feel challenged to make wise investments in every area of my life. What is one wise investment you know you need to make?