Within the last couple of days Jon Acuff sent me an email. Don’t get me wrong we aren’t exactly friends. However, I am sure he would be better off knowing me as his life would then be complete. I subscribe to his newsletter and he said, “Results are more fun than resolutions, but you don’t get the first without the second.” I found it as a powerful reminder on how to create goals. It’s not just about a desired outcome, it’s also about how you plan to take each individual step that will lead you to your destination.

I feel like there is one incredibly important note that needs to be added… Don’t forget to write it down. There is power in writing it down. If you don’t write down the things that you are dreaming, praying, and believing for there is a good chance that when the day comes you will fail to realize it’s significance. Let me explain.

If you are believing for something write it down. If you have a dream, a goal, write it down. If you are praying for something big, don’t just pray. Write it down, date it, and then look back afterwards and celebrate what God has done. I think too many people fail at this step and if you fail to write it down it can become too easy to under appreciate all the blessings in your life.

I met with a Small Group of men this past week. We challenged one another to write down the ridiculously big things we were dreaming, praying, and believing for so that later we can look back and celebrate what God has done. I encourage you to do the same.