I was reading a devotional this morning written by Rick Warren, where he talked about how the 40 year journey from Egypt to the Promised Land should have only taken a few weeks. The reason it took longer was because God was continually testing His people.

I think more often than not we pray and ask God to take us out of the situations we are in, instead of praying and asking God what we can get out of the situations we are in.

God might be testing you, trying to teach you something, or preparing you for what’s coming next. There is peace in trusting Him instead of leaning on our own understanding. We need to believe that the God of the universe who knows no limits understands what He is doing. He has a plan and we can trust that He will provide a future of goodness and hope.

We need to pray, but we can’t forget that prayer doesn’t just have the power to change our problems. Prayer also has the power to change our perspective.