I was looking through my phone the other day when I stumbled upon some old notes. One of them was a note I wrote to myself about how to show Audrey (my wife) that I love her. I’m far from the brightest man on the planet, so it was a fairly short note. There were 3 things listed on the note:

  1. Personal Attention
  2. Quality Time
  3. Small Gifts

I know that she feels valued when I take time to look her in the eye and listen when she talks. I know she enjoys when we go for a walk or take a drive together, instead of just watching a movie on the couch. And I know that she appreciates the little things, like when I buy her a pint of her favorite flavor of custard or vacuum the floors while she is away.

The top 3 ways to show love to your spouse are different for everybody. I don’t know how it is for the ladies, but as husbands, we don’t always remember these things. We need to start working harder at keeping them in front of us. We need to become life-learners of our wives.

I never want to get tired of learning more about her and how I can show her that she is loved.