We often compare our lives to the lives of heroes from our favorite stories and movies. The reality is that you’ll probably never have the chance to fly a space ship and save the world like Will Smith did in Independence Day. You probably won’t ever have the chance to take out terrorists one by one through the Nakatomi Plaza like Bruce Willis did in Die Hard.

When we measure our lives up against these characters we always fall short. We are never the hero. We believe will never win the day or save the world. However, the reality is that those stories and those heroes are not real. But, you are. You are a real live person who has the ability to win the day.

In order to start saving the world, you have to stop looking at the movie screens and staring up at the clouds. Instead start looking at your day and your world. Then figure out one small thing you can do to make it a brighter day and a better world.

Let me give you an example. Have you ever been in a drive-thru and had the person in front of you pay for your bill? If you have then you know how good it feels. It seriously changes your entire day. You feel like you won the lottery. #Jackpot Imagine if you had the power or ability to change someone’s day, to save it, to make it awesome. Well guess what? You do!

There are small steps that each and every single one of us can take to be a hero for someone else. They might never learn your name or have the ability to thank you, but that’s not why John McClane does it. And it’s not why you do it either. You do it because there is a way for you to make the world a better place. By being a better person. What other small steps can you take to win the day and save the world?